Welcome Back to Charlotte’s Web


Where have you been?

I’ve been away from the blog for a couple of years now thanks to two new arrivals in our life.


For some reason the task of keeping up with the blog seems to have fallen down the pecking order behind nappies, feeding, nursery school runs, my real job, housework, husband and so on. I can’t imagine why.

What’s new?

For the moment, this is just for fun. A few sporadic posts commentating on our mostly fantabulous but somewhat chaotic lifestyle here in Spain interspersed with the occasional more ranty serious topic as required or desired. I’m also adding some of the most popular old posts for your enjoyment.

And a new look

I can’t decide if the new theme works or not so please feel free to comment, exclaim or abuse. It felt like the right time for something less professional and more frivolous.

Most importantly…